Zephyr North has the resources required to carry out an effective wind resource assessment. These include:

  • Access to reference historical data; access to and detailed knowledge of Environment Canada’s Station Inspector Records hardcopy (located in Downsview, ON) and digital archive.
  • A fleet of 10, 30, 50, and 60 m portable wind monitoring towers and instrumentation.
  • Canada’s most experienced tower installation crew and the equipment required for safe, high quality installation to IEC Standards and IEA guidelines.
  • Micro-scale numerical models – MS-Micro/3, WAsP.
  • Wind sheltering model – ShelCorr.
  • Utility model – GLW – wind profile guidelines for Windows.
  • Wind farm design model: ReSoft WindFarm.
  • Meso-scale model: WindScope for the creation of fine-scale wind maps.
  • However, our most important resource is our people, who have the long-term experience required to expertly, accurately, and effectively use these resources.