Zephyr North Ltd. is Canada’s oldest and most experienced wind resource assesment consultancy, with over 25 years experience in the industry. We are an independent company providing a full start-to-finish wind resource assesment service for the wind energy industry. Among our capabilities are:
  • Acquisition, analysis and evaluation of historical wind resource data
  • Design, installation and maintenance of on-site wind monitoring systems, including data collection and quality assurance
  • Analysis of on-site data to determine the local wind resource characteristics
  • Correlation of historical and on-site wind data to estimate future wind resource
  • Sophisticated, state-of-the-art numerical modelling of regional and site-specific wind resources accounting for anemometer sheltering, topography and vegetation/land-use
  • Wind farm design and optimization accounting for complex wind flow, noise, setback, turbine sheltering, and other constraints
  • Mesoscale wind mapping using Environment Canada’s EnSim-WE modelling system
Acquisition, Analysis and Evaluation of Historical Wind Resource Data
Design, Installation and Maintenance of Wind Monitoring Systems
Analysis of On-Site Data
Correlation Analysis of Historical Data
Microscale Numerical Modelling

Wind Resource Assessment
Wind Farm Design